We play a very important and vital role in introduction of new ranges at regular intervals and focus on those products which can be among the best and enthuse our customers. It’s through our commitment to our product quality and constant improvement. HYNADECOR “HPL Series” is a high quality construction product available in large variety with innovative ideas, an eye catching appeal. It’s offers unmatched quality, aesthetics, style and durability.


  1. A premium product introduced by HYNADECOR for residence buildings, kothi & bungalows.
  2. It’s developed as an alternative to natural granite, wood & marble.
  3. It’s comes in plank with different colors and designs.

Better than HPL

  1. Top & Bottom Skin both are aluminium not paper.
  2. PVDF coating not melamine coating.
  3. Affordable in price & high in quality.
  4. Ready available in all colours.
  5. High UV resistance.


  1. 100 % maintenance free.
  2. No polish is required.
  3. Design flexibility.
  4. Saves construction time and cost at the last stages of construction.
  5. Resistant to weathering effects.
  6. Resistant to Fire, water & termite.
  7. Cuts out the labor with its easy fittings & faster installation.
  8. Long lasting.


Standard Size1220mm X 2440mm
1220mm X 3050mm
1220mm X 3660mm
Al. Skin Thickness0.25mm
LengthUpon Request


  1. Façade cladding
  2. Gate cladding
  3. Balcony cladding
  4. Fence
  5. Hand drill
  6. Cottages
  7. Farm Houses
  8. Kiosks etc.



The simple working method of HYNADECOR plank is as easy as working with any ACP cladding work and no special tools are needed. An electric power saw is ideal with a capacity of 1500w – 4000 rpm with a blade measuring 250mm diameter having straight set teeth and tungsten carbide tips – this is most ideal for usages. Similarly, a hand- held electric drill with high speed steel bits will be faster to work.

Fixing Detail

Aluminium tube25X38X1.6mm
Aluminium Angle (cleat) 19X19X2mm
Screw (Powder Coated)SS 25” (star headed)
Rowel Plug25 mm

How to fix it

  1. First, fix an aluminium tube (as per specification) on the wall and maintain a gap of 600mm center to center with the help of cleat vertically.
  2. The fixing point has to be 15mm (Minimum) away from the edge of the plank. Similarly the fixing point shall be 40mm away from the corner of the plank.
  3. Cut the size of plank according to your requirement and directly screwed to the aluminium tube with the help of round headed powder coated SS screws (Same color of the plank to be used).
  4. A pilot hole must be pre-drilled before putting the screws tight.
  5. The size of the screws must be according to the thickness of the plank (three times the thickness of the plank) and the gauge of the aluminium.
  6. While using metal screws, fully threaded self-tapping metal screws must be used as they are best suitable.
  7. Rust proof fixing should be used in all external works/applications or when conditions of high humidity and dampness are expected.
  8. Cut the plank 45° at all 90° corner as per drawing.